Jubileuszowa XXXV Pszczewska Dwudziestka, fot. Tomasz Szwajkowski


Jubileuszowa XXXV Pszczewska Dwudziestka, fot. Tomasz Szwajkowski


Jubileuszowa XXXV Pszczewska Dwudziestka, fot. Tomasz Szwajkowski


Jubileuszowa XXXV Pszczewska Dwudziestka, fot. Tomasz Szwajkowski


Jubileuszowa XXXV Pszczewska Dwudziestka, fot. Tomasz Szwajkowski


Jubileuszowa XXXV Pszczewska Dwudziestka, fot. Tomasz Szwajkowski


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Catherine's Run




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 Catherine's Run - 1st EDITION 2018 
Let's run together!

May 20, 2018







1. Promoting physical activity and social integration with culture. Popularization and dissemination of running as the simplest form of recreation.

2. Spreading the idea of ​​healthy competition and a healthy lifestyle.

3. Promotion of the town of Pszczew.



The organizer of the 1st KATARZYNY RUN is the Communal Cultural Center in Pszczew, 
ul. Poznańska 27, 66-330 Pszczew, NIP 595-10-01-415.


Co-organizers of the event are:

Pszczew commune

Zakład Usług Komunalnych w Pszczewie

Night Runners Bee


Contact with the Organizer is possible by phone - 095 749 23 22 
(the number does not work on the day of the race), 
by e-mail: gok@gokpszczew.pl or by correspondence - address as above




1. The race will take place on May 20, 2018 .

2. Start: market in Pszczew - at 11.05.

3. Route: two loops after 2.8 km - start Rynek - ul. Poznańska, Zamkowa, Kasztanowa, Świechocińska, Katarzyna, 
along the shoreline of the Kochle Lake to the height of the presbytery, ul. Sikorskiego, Rynek.

4. Finish: the market in Pszczew.

5. Length of the route: 5.6 km

6. The general classification and classifications in categories are based on real time (net). 
Electronic time measurement will be carried out using chips in the starting numbers. 
The competition is operated by PULSAR. In the final results, each participant receives information on gross and net time.

7. The 50-minute time limit applies.




  • Any athlete who is over 18 years old can participate in the competition: he / she will report to the race using the application form, 
    will pay the starting fee and sign the running statement at your own risk.

  • Competitors aged 16-18 (who on the day of the race have not yet reached the age of majority) are required to submit to the competition office permission to participate from their parents or legal guardians, with their signature and PESEL number. The condition for admission to take-off is the presence of a parent or guardian together with a personal ID when the competitor is verified in the competition office.

  • Participants in the course agree to the processing of personal data for the internal needs of the Organizer and to use their image to promote the Pszczewska Piątek run and documentation of the competition.




1. Applications are accepted only through the application form present on the website http://pulsarsport.pl  

until May 4, 2018 inclusive.

After this time, entries to the run will be impossible.

Records will only be made electronically at the indicated time.

WARNING! You will not be able to sign up for the race on the day of the competition!

2. The application is considered complete if the following conditions are met:

the application form will be filled out and the entry fee will be posted.

3. The organizer sets the following deadlines for applications and fees:

- applications from February 1 to May 4 - 30 PLN.

- after 4 May applications will not be accepted - the electronic form will be turned off.

The starting fee should be made online (from the registration profile) via the www.dotpay.pl website

4. The fee paid once is not refundable, transfer to another participant in the run 
and moving to events taking place the following year. 
Thus, the applicant acknowledges that he has read the regulations and undertakes to comply with them.

5. The proof of payment is the participant 's appearance on the start list , available on the website of entries and giving him the starting number and the appearance of an annotation confirming the payment of the fee . 
The participant will be informed by email from the dotpay.pl website about confirmation of payment.

6. People who want to receive an invoice for the paid start fee, 
should contact this matter by phone or electronically with the Organizer.

7. As part of the participation fee, the participant purchases a starter pack, which he receives at the Race Office along with the starting number. The organizer does not send missed packets.

8. The organizer is not responsible for the loss of postal order / bank transfer - entry fee due to the fault of the post / bank.

10. Verification of players and issue of start numbers with chip and package 
(start number with a chip, nutritional voucher) will be held in the Competition Office 
- School Complex, Junior High School M. Skłodowskiej-Curie, ul. Sikorskiego 23:

- May 19, 2018 at 18.00 - 19.00 (Saturday),

- 20 May 2018 at 8.00 - 10.00 (Sunday).

11. All competitors must be verified in the Competition Office. 
During verification, competitors must have a document confirming their identity.

12. The person receiving the starting number on behalf of another person must have an authorization with his personal data, PESEL number and ID card number and astatement on running on his own responsibility.

13. The organizer may limit the number of starting competitors after placing the earlier information 
on the organizer's website.




General: women and men.




1. All participants who finish the 1st Pszczewska Five receive commemorative medals at the finish line.

2. Prizes in the form of cups are provided:

* OPEN men from 1st to 3rd place

* OPEN women from first to third place.




1. Personal data of the participants of the run will be processed for organization purposes 
and promotion of the Organizer's events, selection of the winners of the race and the award and award of prizes.

2. Making an online payment involves providing the Organizer with basic data of the participant (first name, surname, email address) to the entity indicated in point 3 in Reports and fees. 
These data will be processed to the extent necessary for the payment.

3. Personal data of participants will be processed in accordance with applicable regulations, 
in particular with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 922).

4. Processing and use of data referred to in item 1, 
also includes the publication of: first name, last name, year of birth, place name and club name.

5. The participant acknowledges that he has the right to inspect their data and correct them.

6. Providing personal data and consent to their processing is voluntary, but necessary to participate in the race.




1. The organizers provide medical care, a meal at the Market Square in Pszczew, drinks.

2. The race is carried out with closed movement . 
During the course of the race, Participants should adhere to the instructions issued 
by persons responsible for safety, security services and other persons designated by the Organizer.

3. The competition will take place regardless of weather conditions.

4. The obligation to insure against accidents is the responsibility of the players.

5. The organizers are not responsible for things left unattended.

6. The participant starts only on his own responsibility and bears the associated risk. 
All Participants take note that 
that participation in the Run is connected with physical effort and entails natural risk and the risk of accidents, the possibility of personal injuries and physical injuries (including death). 
Providing the Organizer with a correctly completed Registration Form and making the Registration Fee means 
that the Participant considered and assessed the nature, scope and degree of risk related to participation in the Run 
and voluntarily decided to take this risk by starting in the Run only on his own responsibility.

7. The participant has current medical tests allowing to start on the run 
or sign a self-signed statement on the absence of contraindications to participate in the race.

8. The organizer recommends participants to perform preventive medical examinations 
able to confirm the lack of contraindications to participate in the run;

9. During the race, all competitors must have:

- start numbers with a chip attached to the shirts on the chest. 
Under the penalty of disqualification, it is unacceptable to cover the starting number in part or in whole.

10. Staying on the route without a valid starting number is not allowed. 
Persons without a valid starting number will be removed from the route by the service staff. 
In particular, it is forbidden to move on the route running on bicycles, rollers, skateboards, other mechanical devices and with prams without a valid permit issued by the Organizer. 
Only the organizer's vehicles may be on the route 
(bicycles, motorcycles, cars) or security services (police, fire brigade, medical service).

11. Youth under the age of 18 starts with the written consent of the parent / guardian.

12. Protests should be submitted by e-mail to the Organizer's address: gok@gokpszczew.pl within 48 hours after the competition or the results have been published.

13. Changing rooms and showers will be located in the office building of the competition (School Complex).

14. Interpretation of the above regulations belongs to the organizers of the race. Appeals and protests are settled by the Organizer.


II Edition

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